An Outreach Tour to Inspire Others to go from Bullied to Beautifully Bold

Helping Others Go From Bullied to Bold

Bullied to Bold Introduction Video

"Maya is amazing, absolutely amazing!  There wasn't a dry eye in the class and the students loved her!"

~ Teacher, Silver Hills Middle School

Maya Claridge BIO

Bullied for over two years in middle school, Maya Claridge says it was the darkest and loneliest time of her life. "I don't want people to feel alone, like I did," she says, which is why this actress and singer is using her talents to reach out to other kids who may be experiencing bullying.

In sharing her personal experience with bullying, from name-calling to rumor spreading to exclusion and cyber-bullying, Claridge hopes to empower kids to rise above hurtful words, to find the strength to battle against self-hatred, to overcome fear, loneliness and humiliation, to know that they are not alone and to learn to love themselves.

"I like who I am now and I want others to like who they are, too."

Claridge's positive message of hope encourages kids to both ask for help and to offer help, all the while inspiring them toward strength and perseverance.  

"When you stop giving other people the power to hurt you, you grow stronger and they grow weaker."

It isn't that Claridge's experience with bullying is worse than others that makes her message so powerful, but rather that it is similar to what thousands of kids are experiencing on a daily basis in our schools and on-line.  They are able to relate to her and connect with her, thus she can reach them on their level and help them realize that there is hope.

"Maya's message was inspiring and positive, telling kids to put down their fear and ask for help and to help one another.  We have had a very positive response from Maya's visit to our school."

Teacher - Boulder Valley Public School

"Maya spoke to our sixth graders and the response was amazing!

Almost immediately students who are being bullied began seeking help and others went to our counseling staff about the bullying they have witnessed."

Teacher - Denver Public Schools

"Maya was amazing! You could have heard a pin drop in the room while she was speaking - everyone was paying such close attention.

Her message is very important and her presentation is very well organized and powerful." 

Rotary Club - Aurora, CO

"We brought Maya in to speak with our 6th graders and we were so impressed by her presentation that we asked her back to speak to our 7th graders and our 8th graders.  

She shares a powerful message."

Counselor - Silver Hills Middle School